American luxury caravans Airstream also make the digital revolution

The American luxury caravans Airstream also make the digital revolution by becoming connected. On the menu, an app that allows you to manage everything in a few clicks.

Observe how some historical brands, some of which have largely contributed to the spread of the “American Dream” in the global collective unconscious, are transforming into the digital age has something touching, even fascinating.

After Harley-Davidson and his first connected motorcycle from … 2005 (a few days after the creation of Presse-Citron, which made one of his first articles), then his electric bike , after the virtual cockpit of the last Ford Mustang, this other sacred monster, it is the turn of the mythical American caravans Airstream to make their digital revolution.

Airstream? If it is not on our roads (food trucks most of the time), you have necessarily seen in the movies or in series, caravan or mobile home. The legendary stainless steel shell brand has just introduced smart controls to its 2019 Classic recreational vehicles, giving users the ability to adjust lights, temperature levels and canopy, monitor battery levels and the propane tank and even find their RV if they are too far away.

Camping paradise
The management of these features is done with the new Smart Control app by which Airstream’s customer service, roadside assistance and owner’s manual are also accessible. According to Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream, “Digital technology has improved almost every aspect of our lives. It should not make camping better too? That’s what we think. That’s why, in line with our commitment to innovation, we are leading the way with our new Smart Control technology and connectivity solution, starting with our Airstream Classic caravans. ”

Other functions can be controlled or monitored by the application, such as fans, water tanks and various storage tanks. There is also a WiFi boost function and a 4G LTE modem to keep you connected while traveling in your motorhome. All 2019 Airstream Classics will be delivered with one year of unlimited 4G LTE data.

“To leave civilization while remaining civilized”
So of course this is not a revolution in itself but it does not remain months that it remains certainly a symbol of the ability of brands to the rather rustic image to adapt to the new deal, to cross the modes and eras without denying what has made their legend. That being said, at $ 149,900 basic price, a little high-tech is not really a luxury


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