Hello, folks you also want to know Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price In India and Xiaomi mi band 3 launch date in India. Just a month ago, Xiaomi presented to the market the renewal of the best-known smart band of recent years: the Mi Band 3. Several features that have been renewed against its predecessor model, the Mi Band 2. This is the case of the screen, which in this case becomes tactile and increases its diagonal to almost 1 inch.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price In India
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price In India

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price In India

The screen has not been the only thing that has been renewed in the third version of the Xiaomi smart bracelet. If you want to know all the details of this, we invite you to continue reading our Xiaomi mi band 3 review.


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 specs
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 specs

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price starts at Rs. 3,490.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Details

If smartphones and tablets design are one of the aspects that are most taken into account when choosing one model or another. In the smart bands, its importance is relieved to other important features even if they fit.

However, Xiaomi has decided to give the design the care it deserves, and it shows in every loop of the My Band 3. Despite its low price  Rs 3490, the third version of the Xiaomi bracelet It has a pretty elegant design to be a bracelet oriented to sports activity.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 design
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 design

This can be seen in the capsule, the heart of the bracelet. Its manufacture is made of plastic. Unlike some elements such as the screen and the heart rate reader.

If we compare it with the Mi Band 2, the changes are practically imperceptible, except for the size, which is increased by the enlargement of the screen and the touch button, which in this case is integrated into the screen glass.

As for the other aspects of the design of the bracelet, which is made up of the strap (it is included in the box), it has some materials based on plastic and rubber, in the same way as the Mi Band 2 and previous versions.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 details
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 details

While it is true that the whole feels comfortable in the hand, the increase in both the size of the capsule and the strap may not be the most convenient for people with dolls not too large, as it will be too cumbersome to be a simple bracelet.

Noteworthy is that it has IP68 protection (the previous ones had IP67), ideal to dive with it in swimming days, although we can not use its touchscreen underwater unless we want to use it comfortably.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price in India is Rs. 3,490 as on 19th September 2018.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Screen details

Now we will discuss some Xiaomi Mi Band 3 specs and Xiaomi mi band 3 launch date in India. One of the most criticized aspects of the Mi Band 2 after its presentation was the screen, which seemed small for most users. In this case, Xiaomi has done a good job, both when it comes to increasing its size and its visibility and resolution.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Screen
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Screen

In technical data, we have a touch panel with OLED technology, 0.72 inches in size and 128 x 80 resolution points. But, how does this translate into real life?

The experience under our use has been really satisfactory. On the one hand, the larger size of the panel allows us to see more information,

such as the weather forecast for the next days or notifications, which – finally – show their information through text lines. The resolution has also been improved, with a greater definition of texts and numbers even when the source is negligible.

Except in environments with lots of natural light, where their visualization is greatly reduced so that it will be almost impossible to visualize it. if we do not have a shadow nearby.

Xiaomi mi band 3 features

Last but not least, the tactile ability of the bracelet greatly improves the experience gained with the previous version. It is not just an unimportant feature, because its software allows us to interact with it through gestures (up and down if we want to change the section and to the right and left if we want to change the information shown).

Like the Mi Band 2, we will have to press the central button to make it work. Since the screen alone can not activate it.

Xiaomi mi band 3 battery capacity

Autonomy is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding aspects of both the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 battery life and the previous versions. Xiaomi promises a duration of 20 days real low its 110 mAh battery, and under our tests during these weeks (about 14 days continuously) has fulfilled. Obviously, its duration depends on the use we give to the bracelet.

Xiaomi mi band 3 battery
Xiaomi mi band 3 battery

In our case, its functions have been limited only to the measurement of constants, such as sleep, heart rate and steps, as well as the activation of the screen to see the time and the weather forecast.

For this type of use, and from a 100% full charge, the battery percentage has been reduced by only 16 %. In the case that we use it as a reader of notifications, it is likely that its autonomy will be reduced significantly.

In any case, autonomy seems to us its strongest point compared to other bracelets of the competition. We must mention that your cargo is completed in just under 2 hours.

Xiaomi mi band 3 review

In this aspect little or nothing can be said. The experience of its software is just as satisfactory as in the My Band 2: the response time of the actions is instantaneous, and the touchscreen works without any delay even when using gestures on the screen.

You might be excited to know  Xiaomi mi band 3 launch date in India.  Form our research we have found that Xiaomi MI Band 3  release date in India with NFC support will go on sale today on September 19. Xiaomi recently launched the advanced fitness and health monitoring wrist-wearable device but without NFC.

Regarding its possibilities, it does not have major changes compared to the previous model. While it is true that it shows several screens with different sections such as time or steps, the differences with the Mi Band 2 are scarce.

Where it has changed is when it comes to displaying notifications. In the past, we had to resort to applications that translated the text of the notified message. Now the bracelet can do it natively, but only with the applications compatible with the Mi Fit application.

Regarding the tasks of monitoring, the experience has not been as satisfactory as in previous sections. The heart rate, in this case, takes up to 15 seconds to be measured, and the total number of steps is higher than that measured with the Mi Band 2 and other specific measurement applications.

We assume that its operation will be improved with future software updates since the wristband has been on the market just a few weeks ago.

Our opinion on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

We arrived at the conclusions of the analysis of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Hope you have read all details of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 specs and also liked it. After 2 weeks of use in real situations, the renewal of the mythical bracelet of the Chinese brand has seemed a good product in general aspects.

The integration of a larger screen with touch technology is an obvious success.  Also, its battery and the design of both the capsule and the bracelet, although this is not as compact as we would like, as we mentioned above.

As for the negative aspects of the My Band, its deficient measurement when taking the pulsations and the steps leave us with a bittersweet taste, since previous versions of it did it without any kind of problem, although it may be resolved through software through updates.

By way of conclusion, we believe that the Mi Band 3 is not only a renewal without a doubt at the level of the exceptions, but it is the best smart bracelet on the market in its price range as Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price In India is Rs 3490.