How to download and install Fortnite on Android: Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite on Android will not be released on the Play Store. Discover here why, and how to download the official version of Fortnite and install it on your Android phone or tablet.

Update August 11: Fortnite can now be played on other Android smartphones, the method described in this article is the only legal method to play the game. You will also find an article dedicated to Game Launcher if you have a Samsung Galaxy.

After the first release on iOS and availability on the Nintendo Switch, it was missing only one platform Fortnite Battle Royale to sit dominance: Android.

Fortnite Android beta will available, with a few days exclusive for Samsung high-end smartphones. As was rumoured previously, Fortnite is not available on the Play Store.

Epic Games wanted to clarify the situation and now allows us to know the ins and outs of this story. We will explain why, where and how to download and install Fortnite on Android.

Why is Fortnite not on the Google Play Store?

No mystery: as we all assume, the fact that Fortnite is not available on the Play Store is due to the fact that Google takes 30% of the revenue generated by the applications, leaving 70% to the developers themselves. Epic Games believes that the service provided by the app store is not worth its tithe, especially as the game developer updates its platform regularly.

Epic Games says that the fact that Android is an open system, like Windows or Linux, is that it can afford to get out of this distribution platform to overcome this limitation. After all, when did you need to install software from the Windows Store on your PC? He also argues that if he could do the same with iOS, which is a closed system, he would have done so.

Obviously, the question of security is much more on Android. The fact of going through the Play Store guarantee that the phone will not Poxy: since the announcement, false APK is probing to trap more naive. Epic Games is reassuring by announcing that it will always be the first result of the search engines on this request. Of course, this article will also help educate consumers.

Is Fortnite compatible with your Android phone?

list of compatible devices for android Fortnite
list of compatible devices for android Fortnite

Here is a list Fortnite android compatible devices: Fortnite is not for all configurations, the developer estimates that only 250,000,000 of the 2,500,000,000 in circulation will be able to run the game.

Also, do not be fooled by APKs promising to run the title on your phone at the modest setup: Epic Games does not predict a big audience spike on the platform, as only the latest high-end Android smartphones will be able to rotate it correctly.

A list of technical recommendations has been provided. Fortnite on Android will claim:

  • OS: Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer (64-bit)
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • GPU: Adreno 530 minimum / Mali-G71MP20 / Mali-G72MP12 minimum

Compatible Samsung devices for fortnite are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Finally, the first list of compatible devices for android Fortnite has been offered by Epic Games and includes:

  • Google: Pixel / Pixel XL, Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
  • Asus: ROG Phone, Zenfone 4 Pro, 5Z, V
  • Essential: PH-1
  • Huawei: Honor 10, Honor Play, Mate 10 / Pro, Mate RS, Nova 3, P20 / Pro, V10
  • LG: G5, G6, ThinQ G7, V20, V30 / V30 +
  • Nokia: 8
  • OnePlus: 5 / 5T, 6
  • Razer: Phone
  • Xiaomi: Blackshark, Mi 5 / 5S / 5S Plus, 6/6 Plus, Mi 8/8 Explorer / 8SE, Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2S, Mi Note 2
  • ZTE: Axon 7 / 7s, Axon M, Nubia / Z17 / Z17s, Nubia Z11

How to install Fortnite mobile android beta?

install Fortnite mobile android beta
install Fortnite mobile android beta

To download the official version of Fortnite on Android, you must first register for the beta.

Once your registration is validated, you will be able to download the game directly to your phone through an APK file. It’s just the equivalent of “.exe” on Windows: an application installer.

When this file is downloaded, click “open”. Your phone will most certainly tell you that you need to change a security option before you can perform such action, which is the ability to install applications from the browser.

Check “Installing applications from unknown sources” and go back. You can now install Fortnite on your phone!

The download of Fortnite will really make the launch of it, as is customary on mobile games. Allow only if you have at least 2.3 GB of free space on your phone.

Fortnite on Android works in two stages. You have a first application, “Installer Fortnite“, which is responsible for installing the game but also to verify that you have the latest version. Then, “Fortnite” is the game itself. It will always be best to go through the Fortnite installer before starting the game, to ensure you have the latest version of the title.

Warning: If you do not know what you are doing, we recommend that you uncheck the installation of applications from unknown sources after installing Fortnite. To do this, go to your phone settings> security> installation of unknown applications> Chrome (or your favourite web browser)> and uncheck the option.


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