Fortnite is one of the most popular video games of our generation.

With more than 45 million active players in the world while only one year old, the TPS has based its business model on a freemium system recognized by many analysts as its greatest measure of success . But this is not the only economic feat that Epic Games has managed to put in place in its business strategy. Indeed, the American journalists The Verge just confirmed that the game co-created with the studio People Can Fly simply would not be available on the store of applications of Google , the Play Store .

And there is a very special reason for that. This is also a well-reasoned reason for accelerating the growth of the company , which has nothing to do with a technical issue . You should know that the Mountain View policy for developers who want to put their application online on the Play Store punctures 30% of revenue related to purchases in-apps . This commission is therefore a shortfall for those who are the only economic model.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, also added that it was to limit the number of barriers between developers and players to bring them closer, while confirming the news. But if you’re a Fortnite player , do not panic. The game will be available on Android , it will simply go through its official website to download the .APK file directly to your phone. It will be enough then to have accepted the installation from unknown sources to be able to benefit from the famous game of survival.

The release date of Fortnite on smartphones equipped with the Android operating system-the most used in the world, with more than one billion mobile devices- is still unknown . If however you find the way to access a Chinese network through a VPN, then you can enjoy it faster , even on Android.

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