Firefox New Logo

Given the fact that the current Firefox logo does not offer enough possibilities of variations, Mozilla asks its users to comment on two different tracks.

In a post dated July 30, the designers of Firefox said they are working on redesigning the current logo, the traditional fox that mingles with the Earth. As the designers explain in the post in question: ” As an icon, this fast fox with the flaming tail does not offer enough design tools to represent this whole family of products .” One reason that a simple refresh of the design is not enough. Therefore, Mozilla needs to look at a large redesign of its logo so that it can be easily declined later.

No votes, but comments
Thus, Mozilla has shared two different tracks, which include both the redesign of the main logo, but also the variations according to the different products designed by Mozilla Firefox. Where the first logo concerns the masterbrand icon , the following patterns are variations of the initial design. The first line is the main browser logo while the other tracks are for the Firefox Quantum desktop icon, where Firefox Developer Edition and Firefox Nightly are just variations. As for the last two lines, they represent the logos of new applications and new services.

In fact, Mozilla does not engage Internet users to vote for their favorite track, but rather to collect comments that can help rework these first drafts. The question is whether the spirit of Firefox is preserved by these logos while being consistent, or if the tracks represent the values ​​of Mozilla, like security, innovation or speed.

Moreover, the note states that these first icons are not yet completed and that they could be modified. Subsequently, new logos could be deployed in the coming months.

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