Facebook knows everything about you

Like the news feed, the interface of the Facebook app now adapts to the habits and behavior of the user.

Currently, the navigation bar of the Facebook app (bottom of the screen on iOS and up on Android) varies by country. Thus, in the US, all Facebook users have a navigation bar that displays the icons for the news feed, notifications, the app menu, the Watch platform and the Marketplace .

But soon, this navigation bar will be personalized and the icons displayed will depend on the usage of each user. According to our colleague CNET , if everyone will continue to see the newsfeed and menu icons, other locations will display the icons corresponding to the features that the user uses the most on the Facebook application. Other features that will not be displayed on the navigation bar will (always) be accessible in the app’s menu.

And if at first, Facebook adapt the navigation bar according to the habits and behavior of the user, it also provide a way to choose the features that are highlighted on this bar, allowing each user to have more control over the interface.

“We want the shortcuts available in the navigation bar to reflect the way an individual uses Facebook,” said Alexa Andrzejewski, product manager . “To this end, we customize mobile shortcuts so that everyone can more easily connect with their most frequently used products. ”

Facebook knows everything about you
If this is good news for the user experience, it also reminds us that Facebook knows which buttons we support most frequently. And this comes at a time when Facebook is constantly being blamed for the way it manages the personal data of its users (after the Cambridge Analytica scandal ).

This update of the Facebook interface has been tested since February, and will now be deployed to all users of the social network.

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