Origin Access Premier subscription this July 30 in France

On July 30, EA Games will offer a new offer of only $ 14.99 for players. Called Origin Access Premier, players will benefit from a particularly complete catalogue and exclusives on the games before their official release.

EA to launch its Origin Access Premier subscription this July 30 in France

EA Games launches its Origin Access Premier formula

Origin Access Premier is, therefore, an offer offering unlimited games, which will be offered at $ 14.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year, depending on the desired commitment period. From July 30th, fans of the games of the EA Games publisher will have a more complete formula than the current EA Access available to gamers on Xbox or Origin Access (3.99 euros per month or 24.99 euros per year), for those playing on PC.

Origin Access Premier is, therefore, more expensive, as can be noted, but for example, in the old formulas, we do not find a good FIFA 2018, while the offer that EA Games will launch in a few hours this will be the case!

Better, this formula will provide another advantage that any player will be delighted to enjoy: exclusivities on future new games. The publisher will allow for example to play with the game 5 days before its official release date! Special discounts will also be provided for subscribers to the offer.

Other formulas will evolve to facilitate the democratization of this new offer, everything is explained here.

Ubisoft rejects Skull & Bones

Bad news for those who dreamed of taking control of a pirate ship and skimming the 7 seas with a lawless crew. For Skull & Bones, we will have to be patient. The project presented by Ubisoft during E3 2017 still seems very far from ready. This is what we learn when reading the results of the year 2017-2017 of the publisher.

Hackers will have to wait

On the site, we can read: “In line with its previous practice, strong of the acceleration of the digital transformation, the progress of the back catalog and the excellent dynamics of its recent launches, the Company decided to give more development time to Skull & Bones and offer players an even more engaging experience. Skull & Bones is now expected in the fiscal year 2019-20. ”

It remains to be seen what Ubisoft really intends to offer. The game should be available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It should not be discussed at E3.

Very good numbers for Ubisoft

If it looks like a violent reverse for a project that is still very discreet, Ubisoft gargles, on the other hand, its other success. We can talk about Far Cry 5 (second best launch of the editor), always good sales of the franchise Assassin’s Creed, and of course millions of players Rainbow Six, The Division or Ghost Recon. In short, there are many reasons to celebrate at Ubisoft.

At this radius, we also find the economic results. Its annual turnover of 1.73 billion euros is higher than the original target. In addition, the company managed to generate 300 million euros in operating results. For the coming financial year, Ubisoft hopes to reach 2 billion euros. Three big projects are at the rendezvous: The Crew 2, The Divison 2 and another franchise still unknown. Patience, patience, the E3 is very close.


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