Slack seizes Hip Chat and Stride

After long discussions with Atlantis, Slack put his hands on the portfolio to acquire two collaborative cloud services: Stride and Hip Chat.

Slack has already announced that the services HipChat and Stride will be closed next February, what to do with one stone, three shots! Eliminate competition, seize new human and technical resources and become more imposing against its direct competitor, namely Microsoft Teams.

Slack buys Stride and Hip chat from Atlantis

For information, for those who have never heard of these two tools, Stride is a shared work space and Hip chat a group discussion tool. Two features that Slack already offers. As we announced earlier, with this redemption, new users can no longer create accounts on both solutions, and current users have until February 15, 2019 to migrate to the Slack solution.

To give you the means to get as many users as possible from the old services, Slack offers a discount coupon of 75% for one year for Slack in its premium version.

Slack and Atlantis team up to counter Microsoft Teams

The buyout of Stride and Hipchat is indeed a direct response to a Microsoft Teams attack a few weeks ago. We remember that Microsoft had announced two weeks ago, the launch of a free version for its collaborative sharing solution Teams, for 135 million people who subscribe to its platform Office 365, in order to compete frontally and harshly Slack.

Slack’s answer will not be long in trying to better compete with Microsoft in the collaborative cloud sector, with strategic reinforcement and an audience that will naturally grow with Stride and HipChat users.

Another asset to compete with Microsoft, Atlantis enters the capital of Slack and the two companies will work hand in hand to optimize the service, but not only since integration solutions or gateways will be able to emerge with other tools of Atlantis, such as Trellis (project management), Bit bucket (GitHub code manager) or Jira Server and Cloud (ticket and incident management).

The industry is in turmoil, especially in business, it is still difficult to determine who will win in the sharing and communication in business: Slack, Teams of Microsoft, G Suite of Google or Workplace of Facebook?

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