Firefox New Logo

Given the fact that the current Firefox logo does not offer enough possibilities of variations, Mozilla asks its users to comment on two different tracks.

In a post dated July 30, the designers of Firefox said they are working on redesigning the current logo, the traditional fox that mingles with the Earth. As the designers explain in the post in question: ” As an icon, this fast fox with the flaming tail does not offer enough design tools to represent this whole family of products .” One reason that a simple refresh of the design is not enough. Therefore, Mozilla needs to look at a large redesign of its logo so that it can be easily declined later.

No votes, but comments
Thus, Mozilla has shared two different tracks, which include both the redesign of the main logo, but also the variations according to the different products designed by Mozilla Firefox. Where the first logo concerns the masterbrand icon , the following patterns are variations of the initial design. The first line is the main browser logo while the other tracks are for the Firefox Quantum desktop icon, where Firefox Developer Edition and Firefox Nightly are just variations. As for the last two lines, they represent the logos of new applications and new services.

In fact, Mozilla does not engage Internet users to vote for their favorite track, but rather to collect comments that can help rework these first drafts. The question is whether the spirit of Firefox is preserved by these logos while being consistent, or if the tracks represent the values ​​of Mozilla, like security, innovation or speed.

Moreover, the note states that these first icons are not yet completed and that they could be modified. Subsequently, new logos could be deployed in the coming months.

Olympic into account of E-Sports

The leaders of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Association of International Sports Federations (AGFIS) have just met to discuss how they can integrate the field of e-sport into the Olympic Games. The e-sport forum, held over the weekend in Lausanne, Switzerland, brought together international sports professionals and leaders as well as 150 members of the e-sports community including publishers, professional players and media.

“We do not want to be part of the Olympic program but have IOC recognition is important”

Although no firm plan has been established to formally integrate “e-sport” into the Olympic Games , the IOC and AGFIS have announced that in the coming days they will form a working group around Patrick Baumann, President of the Association of International Federations. He is very involved in the bringing together of the two worlds and this group will aim to continue the reflections on possible collaborations. The leaders of these organizations see e-sport as a growing market that attracts a large number of young people and can be very lucrative.

The working group is to present a series of events throughout the year, ranging from Youth Games in Buenos Aires, to the National Association of Olympic Committees Association (ANOC) General Assembly, on November 28-29. Tokyo, until the next Olympic Summit, announced for the month of December. The working group should make its first proposals for collaboration in December.

The working group will study ways to integrate the professional game into less-watched sporting events as an experiment, and as explained by Nicolas Besombes, vice president of France esports, the association for promotion and development e-sports: “We do not want to be part of the Olympic program, but having IOC recognition is important.”

Finally, IOC members have made the link between sport and e-sport by highlighting the benefits of video games as a useful tool in the preparation of athletes. In any case it is clear that there is only one step between these two sports fields.

Turnover Of Fortnite Breaks All Records

Fortnite has donated more than $ 1 billion to Epic Games since it was released. The game ranks among the most popular video games of all time and will continue to be very profitable for a very long time.

“Fortnite: Battle Royale,” the free video game that took the world by surprise last fall, brought in more than a billion dollars to Epic Games. This is what a new SuperData report says, which estimates that the game has generated more than $ 1 billion in revenue across all platforms. At launch, the game was available for PC and PlayStation 4. Today, it can be played for free on PC, on any game console and on iOS mobile devices. Android products should also be eligible soon.

Cash machine

The game of Epic Games was originally released in July 2017 but has emerged as the market leader last winter with crazy numbers and with the only source of income in-app purchases.
The players spend real dollars to buy the currency in the game to customize their avatars.

The 100-player game in elimination combat, known as the “Royal Battle”, has attracted both experienced players and novices to the point where references to this game are ubiquitous in the lives of all. days. Even in the final of the World Cup, Fortnite was entitled to the celebration of Antoine Griezmann, inspired by the video game.

A free game available on a wide variety of platforms

Superdata attributes Fortnite’s rapid success to the fact that it is free and available on a wide variety of platforms. The report also notes the increased interest of celebrities and gamers and the easy learning curve for new players. In other words, blessed bread for them.

But ultimately it’s not just because people play that Fortnite is popular. It has also appeared in recent months as one of the most watched video games. According to the SuperData report, viewers watched more than 574 million hours of Fortnite on the Twitch streaming platform, easily outpacing other video games. We remember the session between Drake and Ninja reaching more than 635 000 simultaneous spectators on the life.

Since Fortnite exposed the Battle Royale mode to the eyes of the world, several other video game publishers are looking to emulate its success. And in particular, the next “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, famous FPS, will offer its first mode “Battle Royale”.

The ‘Fortnite’ game disc is selling a fortune on the internet

On the internet, the rare owners of the physical version of the video game ‘Fortnite’ sell their game disc at a golden price.

Pay Station

The success of the video game ‘Fortnite’ turns heads and empties the wallets. Available for free and exclusively in paperless (understand download only), it is quite possible to play ‘Fortnite’ without spending any coin. However, the majority of the game community does not hesitate to spend money on the game. Another example of the madness ‘Fortnite’, the price of the game in physical version (box and disc of the game) on the internet.

Last summer, the developer of the game (Epic Games) had agreed with his publisher (Gearbox Software) to market a physical version of the game. Produced in very limited quantities, the few copies available on the shelves were quickly found, acquirers. An acquisition that, from now on, looks like an investment when looking at resale prices on the internet. Well before the birth of the ‘Fortnite’ phenomenon, these copies of the video game were sold for $ 60, the price of a new video game store. At that time, ‘Fortnite’ did not yet have the game mode that made it famous. This famous ‘Battle Royale’ mode that everyone pulls out.

Since then, it’s possible to find copies of games sold for $ 130, or even a little over $ 200 for this copy. Be aware that one of these copies, still packaged under its original plastic, sold for $ 449.99.


Origin Access Premier subscription this July 30 in France

On July 30, EA Games will offer a new offer of only $ 14.99 for players. Called Origin Access Premier, players will benefit from a particularly complete catalogue and exclusives on the games before their official release.

EA to launch its Origin Access Premier subscription this July 30 in France

EA Games launches its Origin Access Premier formula

Origin Access Premier is, therefore, an offer offering unlimited games, which will be offered at $ 14.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year, depending on the desired commitment period. From July 30th, fans of the games of the EA Games publisher will have a more complete formula than the current EA Access available to gamers on Xbox or Origin Access (3.99 euros per month or 24.99 euros per year), for those playing on PC.

Origin Access Premier is, therefore, more expensive, as can be noted, but for example, in the old formulas, we do not find a good FIFA 2018, while the offer that EA Games will launch in a few hours this will be the case!

Better, this formula will provide another advantage that any player will be delighted to enjoy: exclusivities on future new games. The publisher will allow for example to play with the game 5 days before its official release date! Special discounts will also be provided for subscribers to the offer.

Other formulas will evolve to facilitate the democratization of this new offer, everything is explained here.

Ubisoft rejects Skull & Bones

Bad news for those who dreamed of taking control of a pirate ship and skimming the 7 seas with a lawless crew. For Skull & Bones, we will have to be patient. The project presented by Ubisoft during E3 2017 still seems very far from ready. This is what we learn when reading the results of the year 2017-2017 of the publisher.

Hackers will have to wait

On the site, we can read: “In line with its previous practice, strong of the acceleration of the digital transformation, the progress of the back catalog and the excellent dynamics of its recent launches, the Company decided to give more development time to Skull & Bones and offer players an even more engaging experience. Skull & Bones is now expected in the fiscal year 2019-20. ”

It remains to be seen what Ubisoft really intends to offer. The game should be available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It should not be discussed at E3.

Very good numbers for Ubisoft

If it looks like a violent reverse for a project that is still very discreet, Ubisoft gargles, on the other hand, its other success. We can talk about Far Cry 5 (second best launch of the editor), always good sales of the franchise Assassin’s Creed, and of course millions of players Rainbow Six, The Division or Ghost Recon. In short, there are many reasons to celebrate at Ubisoft.

At this radius, we also find the economic results. Its annual turnover of 1.73 billion euros is higher than the original target. In addition, the company managed to generate 300 million euros in operating results. For the coming financial year, Ubisoft hopes to reach 2 billion euros. Three big projects are at the rendezvous: The Crew 2, The Divison 2 and another franchise still unknown. Patience, patience, the E3 is very close.


Slack seizes Hip Chat and Stride

After long discussions with Atlantis, Slack put his hands on the portfolio to acquire two collaborative cloud services: Stride and Hip Chat.

Slack has already announced that the services HipChat and Stride will be closed next February, what to do with one stone, three shots! Eliminate competition, seize new human and technical resources and become more imposing against its direct competitor, namely Microsoft Teams.

Slack buys Stride and Hip chat from Atlantis

For information, for those who have never heard of these two tools, Stride is a shared work space and Hip chat a group discussion tool. Two features that Slack already offers. As we announced earlier, with this redemption, new users can no longer create accounts on both solutions, and current users have until February 15, 2019 to migrate to the Slack solution.

To give you the means to get as many users as possible from the old services, Slack offers a discount coupon of 75% for one year for Slack in its premium version.

Slack and Atlantis team up to counter Microsoft Teams

The buyout of Stride and Hipchat is indeed a direct response to a Microsoft Teams attack a few weeks ago. We remember that Microsoft had announced two weeks ago, the launch of a free version for its collaborative sharing solution Teams, for 135 million people who subscribe to its platform Office 365, in order to compete frontally and harshly Slack.

Slack’s answer will not be long in trying to better compete with Microsoft in the collaborative cloud sector, with strategic reinforcement and an audience that will naturally grow with Stride and HipChat users.

Another asset to compete with Microsoft, Atlantis enters the capital of Slack and the two companies will work hand in hand to optimize the service, but not only since integration solutions or gateways will be able to emerge with other tools of Atlantis, such as Trellis (project management), Bit bucket (GitHub code manager) or Jira Server and Cloud (ticket and incident management).

The industry is in turmoil, especially in business, it is still difficult to determine who will win in the sharing and communication in business: Slack, Teams of Microsoft, G Suite of Google or Workplace of Facebook?

Aerodynamics of this bike was modeled by an artificial intelligence

A start-up from EPFL Lausanne has designed an artificial intelligence to create a bike with optimal aerodynamic characteristics

As we know, Artificial Intelligence has exceptional abilities and is able to beat man to many games such as chess or the game of Go.

A physical artificial intelligence

If we have not yet had the opportunity to test the sporting capabilities of an artificial intelligence, it can help to break a cyclist’s speed record in a passive way: by improving the aerodynamics of the bike as much as possible. This is exactly the idea that sprang up in the head of one of the researchers at the laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). The engineers have developed a deep learning algorithm to which a learning of the laws of physics has been taught in order to design the most aerodynamic bike in the world.

” Instead of calculating solutions of equations or simulating moving particles, our algorithms predict the aerodynamic performance of the experiment, ” explains Pierre Baqué, a PhD graduate at EPFL. ” In doing so, we are reducing the time it takes to estimate the performance of a new design from hours to milliseconds, which allows us to implement automatic shape optimization by computer. ”

The technology was developed by the Neural Concept start-up affiliated to EPFL, Pierre Baqué is the founder. This research will lead to the manufacture of the aerodynamic fairing of the bike that will be used by the French team at the World Human Powered Speed ​​Challenge, an annual speed contest to be held in Nevada in September 2018. The final shape of the bike does not differ. really what we are used to seeing in this kind of challenge since it is similar to a gun bullet or an airplane nose. Not so surprising that in the end, considering the fact that these two objects are also intended to have lower air resistance possible.

A speed record of nearly 150 km / h in sight?

The goal of the bike is to beat Sebastiaan Bowier’s speed record of more than 133 km / h. The fuselage bike record has already been studied to have the coefficient of penetration into the air as low as possible, it will be interesting to compare performance with the creation of the AI. Baqué warns, the latter should theoretically be 5 to 20% more aerodynamic.

As for the future of Neural Concept? “Our startup is developing commercial applications of generative design technologies based on deep learning,” Baqué said. “We are starting collaborations with industrialists, while continually developing our software. “

Confusion in facial recognition between politicians and criminals

According to an experiment conducted by the ACLU, Amazon’s facial recognition system reportedly falsely accused 28 members of the US Congress as potential criminals.

For a few months, Amazon collaborated with the authorities of the city of Orlando so that they could test the Rekognition facial recognition system. The American Union for Civil Liberties (ACLU) strongly opposed the project when it discovered that the system was deployed on three surveillance cameras of the city. If the project was simply to test the technology, several associations protested, arguing that such a system could impede individual freedoms. In addition to this last point, the ACLU also criticizes Amazon for associating itself with the government around such a project. Several employees joined the association’s opinion by writing a letterfor group CEO Jeff Bezos. In this one, the signatories denounce the loan to the authorities of a software able to identify a hundred individuals on a single image.

Moreover, it seems that Amazon’s surveillance system is not yet ready for use, since a test run by the ACLU shows the weaknesses of some of its capabilities. To carry out the experiment, the American association compiled 25,000 photographs of criminals in order to compare them to that of the 535 members of the Congress and to analyze the possible correspondences. A test that has not missed since 28 politicians were considered by Recognition as criminals.

Minorities (still) targeted by Amazon’s surveillance system

More alarmingly, facial recognition technology has largely focused, wrongly, on African-American or Latin-American populations. While these represent only 20% of the 535 congress members, 39% of those identified as criminals are African American or Latin American. Following these results, ACLU lawyer Jacob Snow was alarmed: ” Facial recognition will be used to fuel discriminatory surveillance and law enforcement that will target communities of color, immigrants and activists (…) Once engaged, the damage can not be canceled .

For its part, Amazon argued that the software was incorrectly tuned and that the accuracy should have been 95% and not 80%, as in the ACLU test. In fact, a spokesperson for the group said, ” If 80% confidence is an acceptable threshold for photos of hot dogs, chairs, animals or other cases of social media use, it would not be appropriate to identify individuals with a reasonable level of certainty “.

As a reminder, several entities are worried about collaborations between private companies and governments, so Google has ended its collaboration with the Pentagon following the controversy.

Best offers of the weekend

# 4 DJI Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone stabilizer

The Osmo Mobile 2 is following a first generation that had been a huge success. Among the novelties, we note the greatest lightness of the model, an immovable battery, but with a great autonomy and a price divided by two. It is this weekend sold at 111 € instead of 159 € (with IT code THRCosmo $), the offer is excellent and makes it the best choice if you are looking for a stabilizer . Its real differentiation with brands like Feiyu, is the quality of its application DJI Go that allows to use the Osmo Mobile 2 in a great way with automatic tracking modes, timelapse, etc. You can discover the Stuffi test to learn more.

# 3 The OnePlus 6 (64 and 128 GB)

The OnePlus 6 is the new flagship of the brand that goes up. It embeds a 6.28-inch AMOLED display with a 19: 9 ratio, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB of RAM. Autonomy is also excellent with a 3300 mAh battery that benefits from fast charging (Dash load). The 64 GB model is for sale flash at 413.00 € with the code IT $ MPOP64 instead of 519 € and the 128 GB at 484.00 € with the code GB $ MPoneplus128 instead of 569 € . It is clearly positioned as an iPhone killer, for a price twice lower.

# 2 The DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic Air is an even more compact version than the Mavic Pro. Its pack combo which includes 2 covers, propellers, 3 batteries, and all the necessary for the loading is sold 833,00 € with the code GB $ THRCAir instead of 1149 € . The classic version is sold for € 627.00 with the GB $ THdmas code instead of € 849 .

The Mavic Air has more sensors than the Mavic Pro, smart modes, and a much smaller size. While it is more compact, it offers a slightly better image than the Mavic Pro. It is the ideal choice between ease of transport, quality of flight and ease of piloting. For thrill seekers, its sport mode makes it a little bombshell!

# 1 The Xiaomi Mi Box

Mi Box 3 is a set-top box that connects directly to your TV and gives you access to Android TV and its applications. The model on sale at 45 € is the 4K in European version, so you will have access to Android in French.

There are several Mi Boxes available on the market and this model is the most powerful with the support of 4K, Dolby DTS and 8GB of storage. It has just switched to Android Oreo, so you will have access to the latest features of Android TV, including voice control via the remote control and Google Assistant.

Once the box is configured, you can install applications like Plex, MyCanal, Netflix, YouTube, Molotov, etc. In addition to that, it can be used as a Chromecast to stream videos or music from your smartphone. At such a price it’s more than a bargain, and I do not see anything worse than a new generation Apple TV that costs more than three times more.


HTTP is reported as unsecured

At the beginning of 2017, half of the web had switched to HTTPS, to the detriment of the old HTTP protocol considered much less secure than its predecessor. At the time, co-founder of the Let’s Encrypt Certification Authority, Josh Aas, said: ” It has taken 20 years for 40% of web pages to be encrypted. It’s amazing to see that the 50% have been achieved in just one year”. Although this figure has increased in one year, many sites still exploit the old protocol and remain vulnerable in many situations. In fact, the HTTP protocol allows malicious users to insert trackers, advertising or software, but also to write users to replicas of initial websites. As a result, it has now been several months since the Google Chrome browser indicates that it will highlight sites that do not use the latest protocol in effect.

Gradual measurements with respect to the HTTP protocol

So far, Google Chrome has shown ” unsafe ” only when a user is using incognito mode or filling out a form. Nevertheless, this report does not appear during the classic navigation, a point that changed on July 24th. Since that date, all HTTP sites are barded with the message ” unsecure “, a message that is located right next to the URL address of the website concerned.

Subsequently, Chrome 69 will consider that the HTTPS protocol is the norm and will therefore put more emphasis through the green color granted to padlock and the word ” secure “. A simple black lock will replace the usual signal. Chrome 70 should then display the red warning.

Hopefully this reporting motivates some websites to abandon HTTP. As Chrome Security Product Manager Emily Schechter said a few months ago, ” we hope these changes will continue to pave the way for a safe, secure, easy-to-use Web. HTTPS is cheaper and easier than ever, and unlocks powerful features . ”

New Features Of Amazon

Amazon offers its help to all DIYers and especially those of Sunday, to easily find the reference of a spare part. Part Finder is able to identify screws, nuts and bolts, but can probably go even further very soon. It is surprising that it is Amazon that launches on this ground and that leaders in DIY or furniture like Castorama, Leroy Merlin or Ikea, have not thought before!

Part Finder, a real answer to DIYers

For those who do a little DIY, the problem at all obvious, as well as the headache that can accompany it. Identifying the right screw when you need it can sometimes seem like a real challenge, worthy of the work of Hercules especially on the DIY store shelves. The lost time accumulates very quickly … Of course, each time, we promise to better tidy up its tool kit, to keep the references of a specific model, etc. but these promises are rarely followed by effects.

Rest assured, now you will not suffer from these hazards, Amazon wants to bring you a turnkey situation. To discover the solution proposed by the company of Jeff Bezos, it is enough to launch the mobile application of the giant. You will find a new feature called “Part Finder”. This one allows to identify all that hangs in your toolbox: screws of course, but also nuts, bolts or washers.

Unlimited commercial aims

Once the application completes its recognition work, it offers all the necessary references to find the screw you need. In other words, from a point of view of object recognition, Amazon’s performance is definitely worth the detour. Not yet at the level of what China already offers of course to monitor its population, but much more interesting.

If you want to get started, be careful though, the process requires a little preparation. You will have to put the screw on a surface, position it in the right way or place a coin next to it. As you can imagine, the objective is of course commercial. You can then order the screw in a few clicks on the Amazon site. Faster than going to the DIY store anyway … It remains to be seen if the DIYers will be satisfied. Let us know your feedback!

For now, Part Finder is being deployed on Amazon’s iOS app. For Android, however, it will still wait a bit and this only for the United States at the moment, but we can bet that Amazon will quickly democratize its tool to distance competitors.