List of natural tips to overcome sunburns

A sunburn, it hurts. But no way to let this skin burn ruin your vacation! Fortunately, there are natural and economic remedies to soothe these red patches.

Best 5 natural tips to relieve a sunburn

Aloe Vera gel

The Aloe Vera gel works miracles on burns and sunburns thanks to its cold effect which relieves immediately.

“If you use fresh aloe Vera (from the plant), cut the leaf near the base and wash it, cut the thorns and slice the leaf lengthwise to expose the internal gel, then rub it directly. The fresh aloe lasts only a few days, but you can freeze it and rub the gel (frozen) directly on the burn, “says the nephropathy.

Green clay

Not only does it have the power to eliminate microbes and bacteria but it is also an excellent healing. In case of sunburn, green clay  helps regenerate the skin.

Being rich in minerals such as silica, aluminum, potassium, magnesium or selenium, it facilitates the healing process . “Green clay has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it will also strengthen connective tissues and stimulate blood circulation,” says Marc Le Queen.

Apple cider vinegar

You must have a bottle of cider vinegar lying in the kitchen cupboard! “Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid – a component of aspirin – that relieves pain, itching and burning caused by sunburn,” notes the specialist.

Put pure on a compress , apply on burned parts and renew until feeling better.


Quick, a potato to appease the fire! It has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation, making it an excellent solution for sunburned skin.

“The juice of a raw potato helps to strengthen the upper layer of the epidermis , to equalize its color and to provide moisture to the dry areas.” In addition, the starchy potato compounds help to eliminate the bites of a sunburn, “says the naturopath.

You can cut the potato into thin round slices and place them on the sunburn for a few minutes, this may sound a little weird, but it really helps to relieve the pain!

Black tea

With its high tannin content, which is naturally complex Polyphemus, black tea helps relieve the pain of sunburn. “Pour three bags of black tea into a pitcher of hot water, let the water cool,  dip a washcloth in the tea and gently dab your sunburn, let the tea dry and leave it all night”, advises Marc Le Queen.


For whatever length of time that it’s dim chocolate you’re eating, you’ll be ingesting a lot of flavanoids, which can enhance your skin’s capacity ensure against sun consumes and other UV-incited issues.

Research found that individuals who ate around one ounce of high-rate dim chocolate consistently for three months could withstand double the measure of UVB beams before their skin began to turn red, contrasted with the individuals who didn’t.

Red and orange deliver

The cell reinforcement lycopene has been appeared to ensure the skin against sunburn and is no less than twice as viable a cancer prevention agent as betacarotene with regards to blocking UV light. It likewise frees the collection of free radicals. Chow down on tomatoes, papaya, guava, red chime peppers and pink grapefruit. Watermelon is a particularly decent decision: it contains 40% more lycopene than tomatoes.

Beta carotene is another cell reinforcement that has common sunscreen properties: it’s been connected to lessened responses to sunburns. You can find it in carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkins, mango and apricots.


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