List of android games february 2018

Here is the list of best 10 android games of February 2018 you can download right now on your smartphones.Some of these apps are launched recently and some of them are published earlier in play store.We have handpicked pick these games on the basis of their uniqueness and functionality.

 1. Alpa Guns 2

Alpha guns 2 is a side-scroller shooter game which is inspired by metal slug game series. The game has simple arcade mode with total 6 chapter each with 3 or 4 levels. Alpha Guns 2 gameplay is pretty fun especially for metal slug series fans, as you can ride vehicles, equip different weapons such as pistols, sword, shotguns, SMG, proton gun, weapon x and many many more. Some weapons have different tiers and are upgradable with in-game currency. Alpha Guns 2 is a free game and has user rating of 4.7stars

2. Drift Clash

Drift Clash is a drift-based 3d racing game. In Drift Clash you can either complete missions in single player mode or race against a real-time player in multiplayer mode. There is also a free roam mode where you can join up with 8 other different players online. There are total 29 different cars available to unlock, 7 different tracks to race in and different components to customise your car. Drift clash is a free game and has a user rating of 4.7 stars.

3. Metal Fist

On number 3 is a metal fist. the metal fist is an arena fighting game with fast-paced combat and platforming action for mobile devices. The game was released on IOS platform on Dec 2017 and after a year is finally out for Android. In a game, you can choose from a cast of lively characters and classes, and fight for domination in a variety of gameplay modes. You can also collect hundreds of items, weapons and abilities with unique properties to master your playstyle. The metal fist is a free game with a  4.4-star rating.

4. Breakers Dawn

Now next game on our ‘best 10 android games of February 2018′ list is 7 is Breakers Dawn of Heroes, Breakers is an anime-style action RPG where you will enjoy life as a student by day and superhero by night. In a game, You can either experience single-player story mode and play with friends in co-op quests. The game also lets you compete with other Breakers in 1v1 and 3v3 battles arena. As you progress through the game, you can also unlock new heroes, perform hero awakening and enhance their equipment by in-game currencies.Breakers is currently in early access and can be downloaded for free.

5. Survival Tactics

On Number 5 is Survival Tactics, it is a survival RPG game which mainly focuses on building, killing and surviving. The game is set in the world of 2027 and you can choose from six real-life cities such as New York, Tokyo Berlin and more. You can build and customize your own army of tanks, drones, choppers, and troops to fit your strategy for battles, which takes place in real time against other online players. The game also lets you join guilds where you can request for reinforcement troops. Survival Tactics is a free game and currently is in early access state.

6. Headshot ZD

On next game on our ‘best 10 android games of February 2018 list we have, Headshot ZD which is a strategy based side-scrolling action game where you try to survive the zombie apocalypse by blasting them with a variety of weapons and rescuing survivors and collecting resources along the way. There are over 100 unique types of zombies and survivor in game, and you will explore new areas to gather more resources for survival and upgrade the camps to increase your chances of survival. Headshot ZD is a free game with a user rating of 4.3 stars.

7. Dev Tycoon

Number 7 in the list is Game Dev Tycoon, Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game where you start your own game development company. In a game, you can design and create games, gain insights through game reports, research new technologies and create custom game engines.Once you have successfully released a new game you can move into your own office and can form a world-class development team. You can hire staff and train them to unlock new options. Game Dev Tycoon has a user rating of 5 stars and can be purchased from android and IOS stores.

8. Score Match

On Number 8 we have Score Match in our list, which is developed by First Touch Games, who have created superhit games like Score! Hero and Dream League Soccer. Games developer have enhanced the gameplay in compare of its prequel which is noticeable while playing. In a game, there are over 560 levels to play and simple touch control, easy to play but tough to master. There are also options to customise your player for a  unique look and feel. Score Match is a free game has a rating of 4.6 stars.

9. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

On number 9 is Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia where an action takes place in turn-based battles. It’s a dense RPG experience with a number of different mechanics pushed into it. Everything can be upgraded, in a variety of different ways. There are lots and summons. And that is before you even get to the core of the fighting mechanic. Opera Omnia has a silly nonsensical plot, but in spite that there is actually an awful lot here to enjoy. This game has a user rating of 3.8 stars and can be downloaded for free.

10. Ayo: A Rain Tale

Number 10 on the list is Ayo: A Rain Tale, it is a 2.5 adventure platformer game where you will, embark on a dangerous journey to help Ayo fetch water for her family. In a game, you will overcome challenges and enemies as you explore Sub-Saharan Africa – gaining skills, wisdom, and courage along the way. Experience Ayo’s harsh desert environmental she confronts her fears and braves the unforgiving drought in this adventure platformer.The bad thing about this game is, it is a paid game and is available on Android and IOS stores.

So, these were the best 10 android games of February 2018. I hope you guys enjoyed the selection of these apps.




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