Solution of play store download issue

Android playstore download issue: Android phones have been quite popular these days due to the availability of thousands of applications that one can easily download. This is not to say that all the applications are essential to your computer but rather that it is fairly easy for you to customize them. Of course, the memory space and Google own restriction may prevent you from using the apps as they are.However, sometimes; you may also encounter a problem as you download the applications. The problem may not be related in any way to the above factors but rather to an error in the download application on your phone. There are mainly two common android error messages that have frustrated users. These error messages are download unsuccessful and installation unsuccessful. Usually, the cause of this problem is the .android_secure folder that is found a root of the memory card. You should repair the folder easily for you to download successfully from the android marketplace.

Getting a threaded list of widgets:

The widgets on your android phone will not create entries in the widget list unnecessarily since all you need to do is to pick up the widget that you would want to add. You should then choose conveniently from the styles listed. This is however not the case for many widgets. Many widgets come in more than one size and this leads to the creation of a separate file for each of the sizes. This makes it hard for one to find the widget that they need. Some suggest that the Android system could easily have fixed this problem by having the widgets grouped in multiple entries.However, the system doesn’t do so. There is, however, an application developed by an Android enthusiast to help solve this problem. This application is known as the AppWidgetPicker app, and it essentially groups the widgets by packages. There is just one entry for widgets that come in six different sizes. You can, therefore, tap the entry in order to choose the second screen. In order to get this app to run effectively, you will need the root access because access is fairly restricted for this app.

How to remove the ads:

This must be a very ironical thing in business. How is it that a company whose sole revenue base is derived from selling ads will allow you to remove the ads app? Indeed, you can use an app that blocks ads. If you need to block the ads, all you will need to do is to get a root access tool named the AdFree Android which is available in the market. This is very easy to download and install. Of course, you will then have to wonder if all the apps are removed, how then Google will make money. But as you might now know, we live in an age of free things and companies have perfected this very brilliantly. All they have to do is to get us hooked. By the time you are in the Android marketplace, you will already be hooked to the many applications that are available in the marketplace and since the ads are also related to the content of the WebPages, they will be relevant to you.

Hope above method will solve your Android playstore download issue. If you have any other problem regarding this you can comment below.

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