WhatsApp will also display advertisements on the Statutes

Facebook has just introduced the WhatsApp Buesiness API

After the paid posts for companies, Facebook should also post ads on the WhatsApp Statutes (a format inspired by Stories).

When Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 , the application was not free. When a user opened an account on the chat app, he was allowed to use it for free for one. But after this first year, the user had to pay to continue to use it.

In 2016, however, Facebook made the app completely free. The company decided to opt for another strategy: instead of taxing users, companies must be taxed.

And today, the business model is finally emerging
Facebook has just introduced the WhatsApp Buesiness API, a new tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers on a large scale.

When a customer or potential customer contacts a company, the company can use the API for free to respond to the message. On the other hand, if the company takes more than 24 hours to reply, then the use of the API becomes paid and the price of the message is fixed for each country. On the other hand, sending notifications (such as a delivery confirmation, but not advertising) to a customer is also paying.

But in addition to these paid posts, Facebook also intends to sell advertising space on WhatsApp to advertisers
According to the TechCrunch site , a representative explained to him that if WhatsApp does not currently display any Statute Ads (the equivalent of the Stories on the Chat App), this is one of its objectives.

And we should start seeing ads on WhatsApp from 2019. “We will act slowly, carefully and provide more details before placing advertisements in the statutes,” said the spokesman.

The WhatsApp Constitution is one of Facebook’s biggest hits. Inspired by Snapchat Stories, these Statutes currently have 450 million users per day. This is twice as much as the number of users of (any) Snapchat application.