TECHNOLOGY Fortnite Passes the Billion Dollar Turnover

Turnover Of Fortnite Breaks All Records

Fortnite has donated more than $ 1 billion to Epic Games since it was released. The game ranks among the most popular video games of all time and will continue to be very profitable for a very long time.

“Fortnite: Battle Royale,” the free video game that took the world by surprise last fall, brought in more than a billion dollars to Epic Games. This is what a new SuperData report says, which estimates that the game has generated more than $ 1 billion in revenue across all platforms. At launch, the game was available for PC and PlayStation 4. Today, it can be played for free on PC, on any game console and on iOS mobile devices. Android products should also be eligible soon.

Cash machine

The game of Epic Games was originally released in July 2017 but has emerged as the market leader last winter with crazy numbers and with the only source of income in-app purchases.
The players spend real dollars to buy the currency in the game to customize their avatars.

The 100-player game in elimination combat, known as the “Royal Battle”, has attracted both experienced players and novices to the point where references to this game are ubiquitous in the lives of all. days. Even in the final of the World Cup, Fortnite was entitled to the celebration of Antoine Griezmann, inspired by the video game.

A free game available on a wide variety of platforms

Superdata attributes Fortnite’s rapid success to the fact that it is free and available on a wide variety of platforms. The report also notes the increased interest of celebrities and gamers and the easy learning curve for new players. In other words, blessed bread for them.

But ultimately it’s not just because people play that Fortnite is popular. It has also appeared in recent months as one of the most watched video games. According to the SuperData report, viewers watched more than 574 million hours of Fortnite on the Twitch streaming platform, easily outpacing other video games. We remember the session between Drake and Ninja reaching more than 635 000 simultaneous spectators on the life.

Since Fortnite exposed the Battle Royale mode to the eyes of the world, several other video game publishers are looking to emulate its success. And in particular, the next “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, famous FPS, will offer its first mode “Battle Royale”.

The ‘Fortnite’ game disc is selling a fortune on the internet

On the internet, the rare owners of the physical version of the video game ‘Fortnite’ sell their game disc at a golden price.

Pay Station

The success of the video game ‘Fortnite’ turns heads and empties the wallets. Available for free and exclusively in paperless (understand download only), it is quite possible to play ‘Fortnite’ without spending any coin. However, the majority of the game community does not hesitate to spend money on the game. Another example of the madness ‘Fortnite’, the price of the game in physical version (box and disc of the game) on the internet.

Last summer, the developer of the game (Epic Games) had agreed with his publisher (Gearbox Software) to market a physical version of the game. Produced in very limited quantities, the few copies available on the shelves were quickly found, acquirers. An acquisition that, from now on, looks like an investment when looking at resale prices on the internet. Well before the birth of the ‘Fortnite’ phenomenon, these copies of the video game were sold for $ 60, the price of a new video game store. At that time, ‘Fortnite’ did not yet have the game mode that made it famous. This famous ‘Battle Royale’ mode that everyone pulls out.

Since then, it’s possible to find copies of games sold for $ 130, or even a little over $ 200 for this copy. Be aware that one of these copies, still packaged under its original plastic, sold for $ 449.99.